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October 27, 2020

Areas of Lonnie Walker’s game need to improve

The Spurs 18th pick overall in 2018 NBA Draft Lonnie Walker IV showing potential to be part of a great piece of the franchise success in the future. In one of his games against the Houston Rockets where they’re down big Walker steps up having a career game with his 29 points. Defending James Harden in the second half and scoring is not easy. With Walker on the court, the Spurs feels his positive impact with his offense and hustle on defense. Defensively, he’s one of the top specialists at such a young age. He’s fully aware of what needs to do. The second-year guy out of Miami already experienced playing against elite competition. He had a game where given his opportunity but his scoring didn’t reach in double figures.

Walker had a struggle on how to finish above the rim when the help from bigs comes.

Lonnie needs to polish his offensive game in order for Spurs to succeed. Maybe by putting extra weight, his body still in the right position in the air once takes the airborne. Sometimes he gets a whistle for a foul, but most of the time he didn’t. Missing a chance to score can because of fatigue or disappointment. Walker is an athletic kid, a shooting guard but matches up to big guards or small forwards in the league. His effectiveness is being lessened once their body collide. For now, the only way he can beat these guys on the front of him is by his quickness or find a good screen setter.

Walker needs to improve his catch and shoot ability. He had tendencies to take it to the rim and make another kick-out pass. He should take the chance from the arc which he can really make it. By dribbling, he gives a chance to the defender to recover defensively. With the Spurs roster, they’re limited to a shooter. If he passes up, he gives to another guy who doesn’t really shoot well.

Walker’s decision making is really doing well recently. He averaged three assists in multiple games this season. With his ability to create himself the help defense comes to him. Walker finds where his wide-open teammates.

Walker needs to be more aggressive once he’s on the court. Not to be contented being a fourth or fifth option on offense. He needs to demand the ball. By doing his part on offense, he can stay more on the court. Popovich has a tendency of putting guys on the bench who’s not doing well offensively. The Spur’s defense looks awfully when he put an offensive player but bad on another side of the floor. If Walker can get his rhythm the Spurs has a good chance to win the game or getting better. He’s a factor into the Spurs future so he needs not to be tentative every second he plays.

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