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October 27, 2020

Are the Golden State Warriors a Dynasty?


They won the three of the last four titles, all of this against the expense of Lebron James Cleveland Cavaliers.The last was a convincing one where the Warriors only lost one game.

Do they really called dynasty or just playing in a weak competitions?First, they won the 2015 Finals on which the Cavaliers Kyrie Irving sited for the next five games and Kevin Love was out but they need to figure out in game 4 and won three in a row for a title. In 2016 they lost with the 3-1 lead and Cavaliers made history as a first team to comeback on a 3-1 down.

The next year they signed Kevin Durant but need to intentionally injured that number two in Toronto now who played in Spurs just to win the game 1 and to swept the series. When the Rocket is one game away to the Finals, Chris Paul was out and the team missed 27 straight three in Game 7.

Look, the Golden State Warriors aren’t the best in competition where all of their wins come from teams which star player injured and out. They are far from the Jordan Bulls vs Jazz, or Kobe 2010 vs Celtics, Duncan vs Pistons and Miami Heat.

They don’t had the amazing run like Dirk in 2011 vs the Heat in 2008, Boston Celtics and LA Lakers, this were fun to watch. I mean, dynasty is a winning tradition with great bullies in your front.The Warriors are fun to watch which the rule favor to their playing style but they are far from the best..

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