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October 19, 2020

Are the Spurs ready if they qualify in the postseason?

The case for a 23rd straight playoffs is getting stronger as the league likely to picked 22 best teams instead of 16. The San Antonio Spurs are the 20th best with a 27-36. With a losing season, it seems they are a bad basketball team but they are looking good with their roster.

The only question is how ready the Spurs to the best teams in the league? In their last 10 games in a month, they recorded 5-5. Four of their wins are against a playoffs teams. Which 3 of their losses are very close. They give a handful of minutes to their young guys like Dejounte Murray who takeover without DeMar DeRozan. They give Keldon Johnson a good audition which proves how much he’s worth in limited minutes. While LaMarcus Aldridge is getting healthy that misses multiple games and just came back before the season suspended to help his team defeated the Dallas Mavericks. Jakob Poeltl already healed and ready to play.

Can the Spurs carry over a little momentum if they get onto playoffs right away? Against the top team, the Spurs are 0-3 vs the Lakers, 1-3 vs the Clippers, 1-1 against the Bucks, Celtics, and Raptors, 2-0 vs Jazz, and 2-2 against the Thunder.

With most of their losses came from a bad rotation down the stretch are they going to continue putting Keldon Johnson in the rotation? With his good defensive acumen plus fearlessness made the rookie been valuable. The Spurs has been bad in small forward defensively, with DeRozan starting and Marco Belinelli as back up. With a meaningful minute, will Lonnie Walker ready to step up? He’s quite good in his game as he impacts defensively without dominating the ball. Will Popovich going to extend his minutes if he’s cold offensively? Bryn Forbes had a lot of minutes but been less impactful when his shot isn’t fallen with one of the worst Spurs defenders individually. Are they going to challenge anybody as they did a year ago?

The San Antonio Spurs got a great coach with Gregg Popovich. With the game on the line, they had good veterans and mixed young players that can give them a better chance. But it still depends on how they can handle every game in big moments. As the team has most losses that they went to collapse in the closing minutes. If the team will respond to the challenge it will be a good series against one of these teams like Bucks, Lakers, Celtics, Raptors, or Clippers.

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