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October 22, 2020

Analytics can’t track DeMar DeRozan’s value to the Spurs

The analytics is the most popular thing right now in the league. They used it as a referral on how they will use players to play with others. What is the better lineup to put in the court against another one? Teams using advance stats affect their decisions to sign players. But with Gregg Popovich, he’s not buying the plus/minus of his players.

DeMar DeRozan is the guy that the Spurs yet offer an extension. The front office bothered by the way analytics telling on how bad he is defensive? DeRozan is getting his number this season but the Spurs five games below .500 in two months.

We forgot that DeMar DeRozan is playing out of his position defensively. He is a two-guard who defending the small forward. Most of the guys are most stronger than him. They will likely dominate DeRozan in the lane and down low. But the guy improved on his defensive rebounds numbers.

Offensively he is a point guard for San Antonio. He forced to play this position as Dejounte Murray needs time to perfect his spot. The former All-Star leads the team in assists last season and this year.

If you give DeMar DeRozan teammates who can defend and shoot he is valuable for both of them. The defender can cover his weakness as what Dejounte Murray doing now. The problem is Murray is not a floor spacer. With the right rotation with a bunch of shooters, DeRozan can easily find them. He is long with his size, using his scoring acumen to attract defense to find a wide-open guy. DeRozan can also score on his own without a threat from the arc. The turnover he made is when he drives the baseline and nobody’s cutting to the lane. When the bigs shut the rim DeRozan can’t find the passing lane forcing to throw the ball.

The value of DeMar can be more effective if the guys light out from the arc. Give him the opening on the lane to score for his team.

The willingness of him to play these things is what analytics can’t track. Few from this league what is DeMar DeRozan gives to his crew. Do everything even the risk is much bigger. He had his responsibility for his team. Make them better until they’re totally ready on their own to take over and start winning.

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