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October 22, 2020

Among all-time greats, Tim Duncan doesn’t care about his legacy

Most people or fans keep on debating where the best player ranks against each other. If which era is the greatest of all time. Michael Jordan is the most popular among players as the GOAT, while LeBron James fans think their man is much better.

Legends and some retires players with analysts of basketball got something to say about the greatest. In every interview, these guys are talking about how great they are as a team or individually. Analysts said Michael Jordan forced to make a documentary of the Last Dance to save his legacy against LeBron James. After retirement, they have appeared many times on sports shows or they got their own Podcast. Shaquille O’Neal who got a show in TNT and his Big Podcast always mentioned how great their team and gonna bust some ass of the best team in the league. He also detailed the Spurs title in 1999 that is should be questionable because of a lockout season. Recently Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes want to start a franchise with Kobe Bryant over Tim Duncan. There are also retired athletes that the Chicago Bulls will win their seventh in 1999 if they didn’t break up. Even Michael Jordan said by himself they can win it all. Prior to his death Kobe Bryant said that the Lakers could win 10 straight if Spurs are not on their way. One of the active players Draymond Green always said that the Golden State Warriors are the best team assembled ever.

These are some of the moments who are in the debate to put their guys on top.

While the Spurs legend only appeared in an interview a few times since his retirement four years ago. He also mentioned he doesn’t care about where do people rank him. Duncan is proud he’s in the topic among all-time greats. The legend never speaks about himself on top it’s all about how great his team. When he retired he never speaks to the media, it’s Pop who talks about it. He doesn’t like a fabulous tour to get an appreciation from opponents. Duncan gives a 4:30 time on his retirement speech, there’s no long story to tell only thanks to the people who are around him.

When Shaq dissing about his title in 1999, Duncan never responds even a single word. That’s a classy act from a person like Tim Duncan. The Islander is a model not only in front of the TV but as a person.

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