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October 27, 2020

Age,Draft,Contracts and Injuries Spurs advantage for the Future

Finally the Finals is over. The Warriors dynasty maybe over, dethroned by the Raptors is six games. But the highlights of the series are injuries. First, Kevin Durant who raptured his achilles in Game 5. Next, Klay Thompson in Game six who had torn ACL.

Injuries a big part on every success. This is not an excuse but if you’re going to compete not in full gear. Then expect a bad result. In 2009, Ginobili was out of the playoffs and loss to the Mavericks in five games of first round. Same in 2011, Manu with a broken elbow missed the Game One. They was upset by the Grizzlies. Cavaliers feel the same in 2015.

With Kevin Durant unlikely to play next season. Then Klay Thompson won’t play until February or maybe full season. Spurs are healthy, with changes is unlikely. Las Vegas was favored them as only the 16th best team. Dejounte Murray who suffered ACL last year didn’t play the whole season. Eager to prove he is the Spurs future. His All Defensive team isn’t a fluke. Murray want to reward Popovich trust. He was a starter for the Spurs earlier than he expected.


Even Anthony Davis team up LeBron James via trade plus a signing of one notable on free agency. But they’re going to give up young core. Western Conference is wide open to reach. The Spurs with the same core can enter in discussion. Davis with history of injury who likely to be insured in international medical insurance. And LeBron James catching on his age as he missed the most games of his career last season.

Spurs new version or future Big three with Walker, Murray and White is still young. White the oldest 24, Murray 22 and Walker only 20. They are great defensively and with the high upside on offense. Now they are just an average player on starts of their career. Who likes of Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and the other one who the Spurs donated to the Raptors. An unknown talent who become face of the future. This three with depth can compete against anybody. These guys looks nightmare in defense. Walker had the most upside with the three can be the best two way in the future.

The Warriors when healthy already on their 30’s. LeBron James already 35 next season and few years left on him. Chris Paul for the Rockets is 34 and can’t stay healthy.

Free agency is the best things to add best players who are looking for paycheck. Knicks, Nets, Lakers and Clippers prepared for this. Knicks will likely get a strikeout, they are interested with Durant and Irving. Irving according to reports will sign to Nets. Durant won’t play for the next season. Warriors, Thunder, Rockets and Blazers is out of money.

Warriors are willing to pay the luxury tax to retain Thompson and Durant. Houston invest on Chris Paul badly. Thunder no flexibility and Blazers had a little money to throw. Moving bad contracts for the future is moving also a future picks.

Spurs young guys is in rookie contract. They can look for a good addition who can help the team. Not notable free agents but good who had character to fit with the team. Front office secured every player financially. Popovich signed his guys who deserved every penny of it. They show how to handle not overpaying every guy. Even Patty Mills contract is still good who served as a mentor, a leader.

When it comes to drafting, oh God the 57 is enough said.

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