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October 24, 2020

After the Rockets game, Murray had a smile on his doubters

An exciting game right from the start that gives us the best of hope. The Spurs almost take a win in Houston until the six minutes mark of the final quarter when Popovich made a crucial rotation. It cost the Spurs when the Rockets made a 13-2 run that put them into the lead with four. All of these great things happened when Dejounte Murray steps on the court. Right from the opening tip, his effort to put his team on his shoulder is something extraordinary. The impact of defense alone to make his team better.

Murray didn’t bother on how James Harden put points on the board every game. Instead, he frustrates the MVP with his valiant effort to stop the best scorer of the league. After the scuffle Dejounte Murray back on the defense and swat James Harden then the Spurs converts a three from transition.

Remember those guys who doubt him when the team had a struggle? After Murray demoted to the bench, they want him to get traded. They said the front office made another horrible contract extension. Those things are a little pause, examining details of how to get better with the groups.

When James Harden trying to bully him, he didn’t back down. That’s toughness on a 22-year-old kid. Murray is unlike others who need to talk trash, insult, or hurt just to get into opponents’ skin. Just playing honest good defense. Did you observe Harden’s game he went to the line at least 20 times? But with Murray, the number goes down to four. Imagine how good he is when he had a lot of games on his shoes.

He is improving on his offensive game, even the last play on the transition that Bryn Forbes misses the three. Murray quickly found him in the corner even he yet to touch the ball. That’s a great basketball intelligent. When Forbes misses another shot with five seconds left. Clint Capella went for a rebound and the game is over. But DJ never gives up, he went for a steal that force Houston’s big man throw a bad pass. If Derrick White realizes that the Houston will foul, Spurs could have another opportunity to tie the game.

After this game, Murray slowly defines the future of the franchise. We smile on those people who give up on him easily. Shame on you guys.

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