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October 21, 2020

After Kevin Durant injury, Spurs proved they had the best interest in players injuries


Kevin Durant forced himself to play game five. The Warriors was down 3-1 and barely survived the game to extend the series. Comeback is not guaranteed, Durant torn his achilles. The Warriors put Durant career in jeopardy. Why to play a guy who isn’t 100%? They are afraid that Durant will leave the team this summer?

The Spurs had the same problem with the injuries. In 2018, the one guy who is now in Toronto had disagreement about Spurs medical staff. They choose doctors from New York. His Uncle force their way out to San Antonio. Even Gregg Popovich had no idea about what his “groups” are doing. Their teammate taught he’s a distraction all season.

Tim Duncan can play in 2000 playoffs to defend the title. But Popovich chooses to shut him down. They save him and Duncan add four more titles in San Antonio. In 2009, Manu Ginobili was also out of the playoffs. The Spurs not pushing him back as they need Ginobili to be healthy next season.

The Spurs didn’t rush Derrick White to get back last season. Even they don’t have a point guard after Dejounte Murray suffer an ACL in preseason game. They also get Rudy Gay enough time to be fully heal.

Popovich even rested his guys, no matter what penalty the league will imposed. This is why, the Big Three is look like had a fresh leg comes playoffs. Good thing is they even extend their career.

Spurs is look like insured their players in Global Medical Insurance. No matter how big the stake is, Spurs will not ruin anybody’s body. So if the camp of that No 2 guy. Telling people the Spurs misdiagnose him. Sorry you are lying, because the truth is they want some market to their man.

When that guy last played in third quarter of the 2017 West Finals. He didn’t played until December. He always take a break every after game and with limited minutes. So how come the Spurs don’t have their best interests.

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1 thought on “After Kevin Durant injury, Spurs proved they had the best interest in players injuries

  1. Talk about TD in 2000…if he would have had the surgery months before when he needed it, they wouldn’t have had to shit him down in the playoffs.

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