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October 27, 2020

After his quadruple-double, James Harden seeking for a homecourt advantage

Former NBA 2016-17 MVP James Harden is motivated to get the top seed for a homecourt advantage once the season resumes in Orlando on July 30. The last time the Rockets did it was two years ago when they have Chris Paul. They reached the Western Conference Finals and a win away to dethrone the Golden State Warriors but Harden choked badly in the game seven without Chris Paul.

After James Harden breaks a quadruple-double record by David Robinson made more than 20 years ago, he will try to add one more legacy on his resume.

” I made a great run against the Charlotte Hornets with my quadruple-double. For my team when the season resumes I want to be on my best to get the homecourt advantage. It could be great for us, I can get a better chance to win another MVP. We can’t talk about choking now, yet to play a playoff game and no elimination. Just talk about the regular season first”

The Houston Rockets’ last title was 25 years ago when Michael Jordan retired. They continue to choke every year even having a big market advantage.

“When the Rockets trade for me in 2013, I know the franchise yet to win a championship since 1995. They’re choking for more than two decades, I said to myself am a perfect fit being one of the greatest chokers.”

Note: This is for fun only 😸😻😹😺

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