May 17, 2021

Aaron Nesmith had the potential to be the next Sean Elliott if the Spurs pick him up

In the history of Spurs basketball, Sean Elliot has made enough to be one of the team’s legends. He’s been known for the “Miracle shot” against the Portland Trail Blazers in game 2 of the Western Conference Finals. Sean Elliot a twice member of the All-Star game but his career was cut short by injury. Elliot is a great shooter who deadly from the arc. The Spurs wing just averaged 20 points per game once in 1995. He’s a valuable defender with a great basketball IQ, Elliott is the one put Avery Johnson in the best position to make a clutch shot for the first Spurs championship. A very underrated defender in his career. Not very athletic but can show up on the defensive side. Sean Elliott is one of the toughest Spurs that played with bad health.

With the Spurs going to pick at 11th this coming NBA Draft, the highest since Tim Duncan in 1997. Spurs could select Aaron Nesmith from Vanderbilt. He ranks as the best shooter of this year’s NBA Draft. At 6’6″ he scored 23 points per game being a sophomore. In that span of 14 games, Nesmith shoots 51% from the field and 52% from the rainbow, that was an efficient basketball. In most NBA Mock Draft, the 21-year-old could be the Spurs pick. A solid kid that can go to the free-throw line by attacking the defense. That 52% could still be solid in the NBA when he got a good playmaker like DeMar DeRozan. A screen setter like LaMarcus Aldridge and Jakob Poeltl to free him up.

Aaron Nesmith is being compared to Danny Green, but he’s more of Sean Elliott. The kid can make his own shot, with a great percentage and volume of attempt from the line, and a defensive-minded individual. Which the Spurs one of the most need, a guy who can create, space the floor without sacrificing defense. As DeMar DeRozan’s future still in question it could be good insurance if you draft a guy that had similar abilities to DeRozan. Either the veteran will stay or not, Aaron Nesmith could play off the bench.

Team bleeding on points when they need it. The Spurs only got DeRozan as a go-to guy when they need a bucket. Adding Aaron Nesmith could help them immediately. With the best development program, Nesmith has a huge upside offensively. Spurs shooting attempts from the arc will increase. The guard from the Vanderbilt will be fit right away with the Spurs slashers like Murray, White, Walker, Johnson, and DeRozan. Nesmith will be a decoy offensively even just standing on the corner. The Spurs suffered on defense just to put Bryn Forbes and Marco Belinelli for their shooting. Aaron Nesmith is much bigger and stronger that can’t be bullied in defense individually.

With most of the rookies committed mistakes experience will help them to be more competitive. Aaron Nesmith’s foundation is a huge advantage. Too early to be like the ceiling of the “Ninja” but the potential to be a great player is up right there. Nesmith just needs to keep on working let play himself in G League if the Spurs assigned him just to get better.

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