May 17, 2021

A three-way trade that could address the Celtics need, Spurs build future and make Hornets being relevant

Boston Celtics came up short this season once again after went down against the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals. They made an impressive run against the Philadelphia Sixers via swept and defending champion Toronto Raptors in thrilling seven games. The Celtics led by Jayson Tatum who had a breakout year in which he earned an All-Star and All NBA. Jaylen Brown becomes a great player after getting paid for the next four years. An upgrade on point guard position with Kemba Walker and a healthy Gordon Hayward. All of these are great guys that can be a contender for a long period of time. But they still need to upgrade some position specifically some bigs to compete with physicality in the paint.

While the San Antonio Spurs missing the playoffs for the first time in 23 years. They need to build their future through their young core and continue to do choose excellent prospects in the draft. They showed life in the bubble after finishing 5-3. They could build around Keldon Johnson who is very promising in the last eight games. While Derrick White continues to become more surprisingly doing great basketball things. Lonnie Walker and Dejounte also a great compliment to a special team like the Spurs.

On the other hand, the Charlotte Hornets become a laughing stock in basketball. They yet to make a playoff since 2016 or win a playoff series since the great Michael Jordan take over the franchise. They rank dead last on points last season with Devonte Graham and Terry Rozier leading the team. Hornets become terrible yearly and in the lottery most of the time.

This trade could possibly make a positive impact on three teams. So here’s how the trade looks like.

Boston Celtics will receive LaMarcus Aldridge, PJ Washington, and Malik Monk.

Spurs will receive Nicolas Batum, Hornets 2021 second-round pick, Boston 2020 14th pick overall, and 2021 second-round pick.

Hornets will receive Gordon Hayward via sign and trade and Boston 2020 26th pick overall.

With this move, the Celtics can address their needs inside with LaMarcus Aldridge even it’s a possible one-year rental. Boosting the biggest weakness can put the team on top of the Eastern Conference. Daniel Theis is playing great in this year’s playoffs but he’s limited offensively and when it comes to experience. With Aldridge, he got toughness on both ends of the court. Most of the time you can rely on him to create for himself. It’s evenly matched in the paint with the big like Joel Embiid, Bam Abedayo, and Brook Lopez despite Aldridge’s age. With multiple times in the postseason, he can take every advantage he had against these big guys. Giving up picks could help the Boston depth with a proven PJ Washington and almost a (good) one Malik Monk. PJ Washington can scores in multiple ways as he shoots 37% from the arc, the rookie averaged 12 points and 5 rebounds per game. When Boston gives up on Gordon Hayward it could give them the flexibility financially with the impending extension of Jayson Taytum coming. Back with PJ Washington, he could be a great long-term investment. The best of him is yet to come. He could still learn while playing on the next level of competition. Then Malik Monk, oh never mind him this is not a 2K.

For San Antonio Spurs, getting the 14th pick for LaMarcus Aldridge could be huge. The team can get the best player available on the 11th while at 14th the player that team’s need. Either Spurs want to trade up or use it as a future asset. With the performance in the bubble game, the Spurs looks ready to move on with LaMarcus Aldridge. This is the best time to develop their young core while playing more transition game. Taking away the post could be a fit for a team with limited shooters. While absorbing Nic Batum’s contract isn’t a big deal and won’t create a long-term problem.

While the Hornets can improve themselves in the Eastern Conference with Gordon Hayward. They could have a go-to guy that can lift up there scoring. Charlotte can compete for either seventh or eighth playoff spots. While giving up PJ Washington and Malik Monk, they can pay Devonte Graham while getting rid of Nic Batum’s final year that he’s likely to opt-in. Being one of the biggest winners in the lottery they will pick once again on 26th after the third pick overall to improve the roster.

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