September 27, 2021

A three-way trade between Blazers, Spurs, and Pacers

With the offseason almost coming right after the NBA Draft, teams are looking to improve by addressing their biggest needs. With some of them in a win-now mode, others are still finding pieces to add to a good initial group. Everyone with cap space will offer a huge amount to their target free agent. While others seeking a trade hoping to answer their biggest needs.

Multiple guys reported weren’t happy with their current situation. One of them is Myles Turner of the Indiana Pacers who yet to win a playoff series since 2014. It was reported that he’s on his way out after a rumor that Victor Oladipo likely to leave the Pacers. While Turner still on guaranteed contracts for the next three years, teams likely to offer a sign and trade.

So we can enter the Spurs and the Trailblazers to be a partner to complete a deal. How this trade will work for three teams?

Pacers will receive Jusuf Nurkic, Trey Lyles, the rights to Spurs 2015 first-round pick, and the Spurs 22 first and second-round pick

Blazers will receive LaMarcus Aldridge, Tj Leaf, and the Pacers 22 second round pick

Spurs will receive Myles Turner, Trevor Ariza, and 2021 first-round from the Blazers

Why this could make sense for the three-teams for a long term benefit?

First the Pacers, as the Domantas Sabonis and Myles Turner never worked out as a big duo inside the paint it’s only right to choose Sabonis to stay with the team. With Jusuf Nurkic as a partner in crime, it could make a better result as the later was a good passer and a playmaker. Offensively Sabonis and Nurkic could share on the court much longer. Then letting Myles Turner let go, the Pacers will have a lot of flexibility financially. They can pay Victor Oladipo if he wants to stay in the city. Even they can’t, the Pacers can bid on next year’s free agency which is a blockbuster. While Trey Lyles is a cheap project that will pay around 7 million if the contract will be fully guaranteed. The future picks will be a good investment for the Pacers. They can use it in their own rebuilding process.

For the Blazers, sending back LaMarcus Aldridge in Portland could be huge for the organization. This move is a guarantee that Damian Lillard will not leave the city hanging around. The big man’s heart is with the Rip City and he’s open for it to finish his career there. Damian Lillard believes Aldridge is the answer for the team to make a great run. Both guys had great chemistry that make a huge run in the 2014 postseason. Add TJ Leaf, Balzers had a young project that could provide the depth. While the team can sign a good player in free agency if Aldridge’s contract will be over.

Lastly, the San Antonio Spurs that needs a big man with a defensive prowess could answer their defense. As a team, San Antonio is in the bottom ten in terms of standing. Having Myles Turner in the next three years could help the Spurs in terms of winning. Turner is only 23 years old with a great upside still on his game. A guy that can jump as high as he can be bothered a shot takes by everybody. Turner will anchor the Spurs’ defense that ranks in the bottom ten. The big man is a good shooter that can take a shot if open for him. With his body, he’s just a good fit that Turner yet to miss more than 18 games in his career. Adding Trevor Ariza to San Antonio, he could be a mentor to everybody. Ariza also could be clickbait in the trade deadline. Sending Aldridge to the Blazers is just a compensation for his loyalty in San Antonio when he leads the team in the playoff.

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