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October 23, 2020

A single play that inspired the Spurs team and wins it all in 2014

In 2014 Western Conference Finals, the Spurs up by 2-0 in the series. But it quickly changes the momentum of the series when Serge Ibaka returns in game three. The Oklahoma City Thunder win the next two games in a blowout fashion. With the San Antonio looks like losing their confidence before the end of game four.

With Gregg Popovich put his end of the bench rotation with Corey Joseph, Marco Belinelli, Jeff Ayres, Matt Bonner, and Aaron Baynes. These guys keep the game competitive they made a run to cut the lead into 16 points. Scott Brooks force to play his Starters until the final minute of the game. In garbage time Corey Joseph dunks it over Serge Ibaka. Of course, media and people will unnoticed those play as the scores not really close. But for San Antonio Spurs it’s changed their perspective.

The whole team was intimidated on the paint with the presence of Serge Ibaka. But that play inspired them, also Popovich challenged them that small guy isn’t afraid of anybody. The Spurs team quickly responded to the challenge win game five. Then in Game six with Tony Parker injury, the Spurs shut him down in second half likely giving him enough time to heal in case of a game seven. Gregg Popovich put Joseph to start the second half his energy to challenge Russel Westbrook to give the Spurs a huge advantage. With his seven minutes stint, the Spurs were up by a bucket as they outscored the Thunder 37-20. San Antonio wins the series in overtime leads by Tim Duncan who steps up in extension, prior to that Manu Ginobili made a clutch three.

The Spurs went to the finals to play a rematch against LeBron James Miami Heat. The Spurs win the finals and captured their fifth title. The most lopsided contest in the history of the finals.

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