May 17, 2021

A sign and trade for DeMar DeRozan to Pistons makes sense

The former four-time All-Star will be a free agent this offseason if he will opt-out. A lot of teams are still interested to offer a huge amount of money once he’s available. It was rumored that the New York Knicks are high to build around him. The Miami Heat is also interested to add him via trade. The Spurs didn’t offer him an extension which his future still in question. Either San Antonio is still weighing things if how will the Spurs future with him for the next 3 to 5 years. But one of the dark horse teams that can make a run for DeRozan is the Detroit Pistons reuniting with Dwane Casey. The Pistons yet to win a playoff game since 2009 with two appearances in eleven years.

A good relationship for Casey and DeRozan as they could make another run in the Eastern Conference. They had great chemistry in Toronto Raptors that spoiled by a stack Cleveland Cavaliers team.

So how the trade looks?

Spurs sending DeMar DeRozan and the 11th pick for Blake Griffin, the 7th pick, 2021, and 2023 first-round pick.

How could it work for the San Antonio Spurs?

Future assets could be huge for the Spurs as they trying to build with their current young guys. They’re a few pieces away to compete for a playoff spot. With DeRozan that a small guard who is forced to play for a forward and a stretch four, the Spurs can’t maximize their potential. For DeRozan to be more efficient he needs touches.

Having Blake Griffin in the roster the Spurs can have a tough guy inside in terms of scoring. With 74 million owe to Griffin, player option in the second year the Spurs can still sign good players with multiple expiring contracts next season. In San Antonio, at age 32 next season he could preserve his body as he limited to 18 games this season due to injury. The Spurs doesn’t have toughness inside offensively if LaMarcus Aldridge is gone which is pretty obvious. Griffin is a multiple threat in scoring which he can also play as a point center. He’s still athletic despite his age and a lot of tears in his body. With Jakob Poeltl’s questionable decision if to dunk or just a simple layup when having the ball inside, Griffin without a doubt will make the best decision to dunk it. The top pick 11 years ago is a proven winner and battling well in the postseason. The big man quoted that he’s willing to play for a team that will keep him. A good fit for the Spurs as he’s willing to shoot from the arc and got a midrange. Also, he will likely consider San Antonio as home and could play for lesser money for the rest of his career.

Also makes sense for San Antonio is moving up in the upcoming NBA Draft this November without sacrificing assets. They’re just waiting for somebody to make mistakes that their guy could slip on the draft. They had targets like Deni Advija who they scouted in Europe that unreachable if they stayed at 11th. Also, a high flyer Obi Toppin from Dayton could be available at seventh.

Then imagine this thing, the Spurs will pick twice in the first round for the next three years. They’re so good to pick at the end of either first or second round for two decades. Even “experts” make fun of how the Spurs pick they’re still the biggest winner.

For the Pistons, maximizing themselves in the upcoming free agency makes sense which big names on 2021 will look for more money on the table. Getting rid of Griffin’s contract who’s health also an issue could be a long term success for Detroit. Dwayne Casey needs a guy that will fit his system. A guy who could stay healthy while the franchise paying hundreds of millions. This is the right time for Detroit to improve a team. They can also retain Christian Wood who’s playing well last season. The big man is still younger and more upside with his game. The guy is fit as the modern big. Giving up picks isn’t a loss for the Pistons if they can make the postseason with DeRozan.

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