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October 23, 2020

A perfect NBA team for Kai Sotto to be successful

The Philippine hopes to be the first full-blooded Filipino to play in NBA having his name with some college coaches. Recently, features in the Bleacher Report about his dream to be an NBA player. Kai Sotto, a 7’2″ center ranks 62 among high school kids that entering a college. It means, he could be undrafted in 2021 assuming he wants to enter the NBA draft. But a year playing in college could change at all, he could be moved up and could be drafted in the second round.

If we assumed he will get drafted in 2021 as a second-rounder, the only team that he can be successful is the San Antonio Spurs. The franchise had a history of success about a player who picks late. Some of the Filipinos got no idea about this because the truth is they only care for LeBron James or Curry. The team from Texas turned Manu Ginobili the 57th overall in 1999 to become a huge part and one of the best steals of the draft. Their development program is second to none. They can find good talent either in the late first round, second or undrafted.

The big man from the Philippines got a soft touch with his midrange which fit the Spurs style of basketball. Kai Sotto needs three years before he will really get ready to earn playing minutes. The Spurs has a G League program as they used to hone the skills of every player. It’s already proven for many years. Some of the Spurs players are in G League before playing a big role in San Antonio.

Then the Spurs had a lack of depth in the center position. With his size at seven-footer, he can get a good role. There’s no culture in the league that priorities development. Kai Sotto must focus on his game, not to be contented with the opportunity of getting be drafted because improvement is much better for a quality minute he can get.

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