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October 22, 2020

A huge mistake if you’re disappointed on Murray’s potential

Gregg Popovich is already done with Dejounte Murray’s limited minutes. He tasks the point guard to finish the game. The Spurs had four wins in the last six games. Four of it came from overtime which they recorded 3-1. It’s been a while where Dejounte played as good as this game against the Suns. Most of us give up on him as early as the season was. People worried about him every time he touches the ball.

Against the Sacramento Kings, even he turned the ball over he is the guy lead making a comeback. Hitting the game-winning shot in overtime. In the game against Phoenix Suns, he leads the team before Patty Mills heroics. Being efficient offensively, distribute the ball wisely. Murray is looking for his shot, big confidence in his midrange. He made his way to the lane taking the height advantage over Ricky Rubio. The Phoenix point guard is a good defender at his position. Also, Murray was guarding by Mikal Bridges who is a 3 and D guy. This is what Tony Parker did on his career as a Spur. A legend who doesn’t have a good shooting stroke.

When the Spurs are down after the missed of LaMarcus Aldridge the Suns just need to inbound the ball. Run out the clock, wait to be foul and sink in the two free throws. But that pressure Murray applied to Ricky Rubio change the things right away. The Suns turned the ball over. DeRozan quickly made a layup with and one but again he missed another game-winning free throw. Again, Dejounte Murray was there to force a loose ball. The call was in favor of San Antonio to set up Patty Mills for a game-winner. Spurs point guard never giving up on giving the team second chances.

We forgot that Dejounte Murray is coming off a major injury. He is new to the roster finding himself a role that can help the team. We should expect the struggle offensively. Plus he is a young kid still learning a lot.

Defensively he’s still a winner as he gets better. There are only a few point guards in this league who can play defense. These are things makes him valuable. People didn’t notice what he did for his team. We’ve been a focus on monster numbers.

For now, he’s still far from being the point guard we need. But the effort, the potential is there to be great. Success isn’t built after 24 games of the season but the process every second he stays on the court.

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