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October 25, 2020

Even Spurs Winning some FANS in Doubt how far they will go this Season


Are you tired of somebody saying the San Antonio Spurs not gonna win? Team won nine in a row 3 of this against the team who can compete well for the championship. A lot of fans still doubt with the Spurs, and even Spurs fan still don’t believe they will win a playoffs series or a title. But there will always a fan that they will ALL IN with the Spurs.

Lets see the discussion below of some Spurs fan, a guy number one is MR Reality and the other one is MR Lovely.

MRR Said:
We got to have a reality check and realize we don’t play very well on the road especially against the really good teams so if we don’t have home court advantage throughout the playoffs which we’re not going to- I think it’s absurd to think that we’re just going to steamroll through the playoffs to the finals. I’ve been a Spurs fan for over 30 years and it’s great to see us on this win streak but let’s just keep it real .

MRL replied:
Allow us to enjoy our spurs guy. Geez

I didn’t say don’t enjoy the Spurs bro but so many of you sound like you want to just run up Tua Vegas sports book and throw 20 grand that the Spurs aren’t going to lose another game for the next three years. Calm down

I hear you bro, we have just been so used to winning and going deep into the playoffs every year that considering our current lineup, we are playing extremely well. I don’t know about the world championship this year but crazier things have happened. So just enjoy the ride like everyone else is. 😄

I’ve been following this team since I was 17 years old and I’m 50 now I’ve been to every championship parade and I’m one of very few people that can say that they’ve watched the Spurs play in every single NBA arena in the last 25-30 years. So believe me I know the Spurs and I know our history I’m just keeping it real

OK so what you would preach to our fans is “Spurs fans, we are not winning the chip this year, so please STFU and go about your lives until I MRR say we will win”. Common bro, life’s too short. Live and let live. Have a great day 🙂

MRL can I ask you a question if what I post on here is so insignificant to you then why do you even reply and waste of time and energy and effort and thought?

Spurs Defender:
Your no Spurs fan with your negativity… get outta here

Other Doubter:
It was a great win, but if we are being honest they didn’t have Cousins or Andre Iguadala. Both a big part of their team

 I know! but whenever I post what you just posted, all I get is negativity. I’m just keeping it real. people act like I want us to lose I never said that I’m just saying that we’re not as good as these delusional fans keep beating their chests about.

Don’t worry I been banned from here before for criticism on our team. I am a realist, I am a spurs fan all the way but I call it as I see it

I feel you bro I just can’t stand LaMarcus Aldridge and I was against him coming to the team six months before he actually did. and I’m telling you because I heard it from a very reliable source that Aldridge was one of the main reasons why Kawhi Leonard left. But most of these fans on here that probably have never been to even one-tenth of the games that I’ve been to in my Life they talked about Aldridge like he’s the second coming of Wilt Chamberlain Karl Malone and Tim Duncan combined

well him and kawhi never got along as you saw but him and deRozen do. So maybe they can make noise together with the squad this playoffs.

 I’m a spurs fan and I didn’t think we would beat the Warriors I’m just saying come on it’s the Warriors once playoffs hit the Warriors are going to be a lot harder to beat

Spur Lover:
Warriors can be beaten just got to play tight defense and rebound curry and Thompson can’t shot bodied up tight and get the Warriors in foul trouble drive to the basket

Yes the Spurs aren’t the same level as the Warriors or any team, we don’t have a MAN that give the team five titles in the last fifteen years. But the Spurs had still POP who will always be the coach of the year every year.

Remember this, Spurs add Demar DeRozan who is another threat beside Lamarcus Aldridge. Aldridge can bully his man in the paint, Rudy Gay is healthy, Derrick White belongs to the league. Also added Jakob Poeltl, who ten times better than Pau Gasol. Marco Belineli is back and Davis Bertans is the league best snipers.

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