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October 27, 2020

22 Years Ago, Spurs ruined Boston’s Future

Odds doesn’t guarantee everything to win you all the time. Sometimes it’s all about a little luck. Boston taught they’re gonna pick first, with Tim Duncan the ultimate prize for the number one pick. But the ping pong ball says Spurs gonna pick first. Celtics was settled for third, even rumors that they offered their 2 first round and future picks the Spurs denied it.

As Avery Johnson quoted on his jersey retirement speechWilt Chamberlain, Bill Russel, Karl Malone, Moses Malone rode into one. He added ” 5 0 ( nickname for David Robinson) we’re gonna ugly for the next 10 years”.

With the first season the Spurs advanced to the playoffs and loss to Jazz Malone and Stockton, but manage to secure their first title against the Knicks in five games next season.

With Tim, Spurs made 50+ games win in 18 seasons, led the Spurs in five titles. Two regular season MVP’s and three Finals MVP’s while playing simple basketball.

Importantly he put Virgin Island into map, he give small market franchise hope that they can compete in terms of basketball. Duncan shows how to be loyal with your team. A model of sacrifice to achieve the greatest goal. Accept everything, even Pop smack him about his mistakes in front of his teammates he never argue. It’s not his image to put his self to spotlight, as he don’t care who will take the last shot, all he did is to set a screen to make his guys open and take the best possible shot they can.

Meanwhile the Celtics, pick Chauncey Billups and never played his potential with the team who immediately traded to the Raptors in his rookie year. Adding to the insult, the Billups help the Pistons another rivalry in the East to secure an upset in 2004 NBA Finals and became a dynasty for 2003 to 2008. Imagine what Duncan will do in Celtic uniform that attract good players to play with them.

With Duncan, the Spurs future was on their own hands. They pick player who had characters, they don’t rely on free agency too much. They don’t really make major trades when they don’t need it.

Spurs fans was so lucky that they experienced to cheer and live with joy when Duncan playing. That even without him, his influence was still in San Antonio. Duncan never upset fans, no drama and even finished the game in Game 6 of 2005 West semis against the Sonics while got hurt in third quarter.

The San Antonio don’t need to be in lottery every other years to put a dynasty which others “doubt”.

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