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October 21, 2020


All of us had a fantasy team in basketball, we had the best starting five that can beat all those greats. These line ups you think is better both side of the court and can perform clutch in any given situation.

This is the best five that I watch in my generation that I think the best and hard to beat by anybody.

Point Guard: Jason Kidd

Standing 6 feet and 4 inches a pure pass-first point guard, an average shooter at his best but set up his team offense is second to none. He can score from the post, use his height as an advantaged. The best play or he is unstoppable in the transition game. He can throw it behind the back or lob at the rim for an alley-oop play. A proven winner with Dallas Mavericks in 2011, he showed how clutch he is if you need him most. Importantly he can play the best defense individually against another great point guard.

Shooting Guard: Kobe Bryant

He is the best two-guard next to Michael Jordan and nobody is close to him in this era. His midrange fade away is his signature shot. The Black Mamba who takes over a game when his teammates can’t figure it out. He is an athletic guard who will give some highlights and fit next to a guard who can lob him the ball. Playing good great defense also and shutting down his opponents.

Small Forward: LeBron James

No doubt he is the best of all time here. His body is like a tank but the best of him is his playmaking skills. A point forward averaging 6-7 assists per game is amazing. He can guard the five positions. Best in transition defense, help his teammates and can protect the board or paint. He uses his athleticism for blocking and dunking. He does have a weakness? No, no idea what is it but fatigue is the only one.

Power Forward: Dirk Nowitzki

Actually, this should be Tim Duncan’s place, but I look in today’s game that I need spacing. I love his mid-range game, he is the best big shooting man. His fadeaway is better than Kobe, a seven-footer who is quick enough to play outside. He can bully his man in the post also, or an ill-balanced shot. Once average a 50/40/90, a proven winner and MVP. A great three-point shooter too.

Center/ Forward: Tim Duncan

Yes he should be on the four, right? But I want a little spacing here. His best on the post one on one. He can win at any level of basketball, he will follow whatever you want. He will sacrifice stats than winning. He’s the best man in the paint if Shaquille O’Neal played he can handle this man, as LeBron can double team. Duncan is good within 20 feet out of rim it’s easy for his teammate to operate at the post.

This team’s priority is defense and can switch to any player and quick to recover on defense. Only Dirk is average at best but the advantage on offense the team can get on him is too much. An average three-point shooting team, but very effective in the paint.

So who is your best five?

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