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October 30, 2020

With Baclao got hurt, Tratter time has come as fast as he thinks

A scary fall for Noy Baclao from the last game which suspected to be patella tendon injury.

Perfect timing on bad things for Abu Tratter the newest Alaska Aces in uniform. His performance was overshadowed by a loss over Colombian Dyip. He had 15 points and 9 boards in 25 minutes. The best thing is his active hands who stole 3 times.

With likely to increase the playing time he can add more into his production. Tratter was an energizer to the Aces who keep his teammates motivates all game long. This was Alaska need that lack on the team for a long time after Calvin Abueva exit.

With him on the court, it’s another option either on scoring or defense. In the game, he is a guy who can score in a pick and roll or pick and pop. He shows that he had a range inside the arc. The good thing was the guards had an option when Tratter give them a screen.

The only concerned is how he handles bigs in the paint. It’s the proper adjustments on when the double team comes.

Only the first game and there is a lot of positive things come forward.

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