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October 25, 2020

These Guys Could Defeat Floyd Mayweather on their Prime

The Best Ever as he called himself. Floyd Mayweather Jr is undefeated in as many as fights he did. He is the biggest fighter of this generation. Not flashy as he leaning on his defensive tactics. Nobody did comes close to beat him. He is fast, with his mouth, hands speed or even his feet. It’s hard for Mayweather to hit as a target.

Mayweather is bad for boxing. Fans paid a lot of it and he run all night. Boxing in early 2000s was fantastic, big names like Oscar Dela Hoya, Manny Pacqiuao, Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito. Juan Manuel Marquez, Erik Morales and Antonio Barrera fights for each other to determine who’s best in Mexico. Also had a rivalry of Diego Corrales versus Jose Luis Castillo. Money is a guy who picked his opponent into his advantage. Then talk trash in press conference and promotion. But ran as a cheetah in real fight.

These guys could beat Mayweather if they matched earlier than they do. I had no idea how his defense can stop this power puncher or how he can outbox.

Manny Pacquiao

They fought each other in 2015, but accept the fact that Pacman is out of his prime. Matchmaker want to did this before the GBP and Top Rank Promotion had to settle to made the fight of century. Floyd camps want a lot of test before the fight accusing of Manny using steroids or illegal substance. He keep on running until he choose to retired once again. The Filipino icon on his prime was fun to watch. Nobody wants to slip on his fastest and powerful punch. Mayweather defense looks pretty impressive when fight C+ boxer, but with Manny i doubt he can ran away. Pacquiao is a fighter who never afraid of everything. He doesn’t care how powerful the punch he’s receiving but on his mind. He need to hit his opponent more than he’s taking.

Miguel Cotto

A power puncher and good speed with good defense. On his days this man is perfect. Cotto can match anyone, he isn’t afraid of the consequences. If Floyd made a fight with this man from Puerto Rico. Cotto power is enough to punish him. He is relentless, he never stop boxing. Cotto always looking for opening, throwing jabs and combination. Mayweather had the speed to outbox Cotto but the power isn’t there. Cotto will probably finished him in the later rounds.

Antonio Margarito

The Mexican warrior look had a less fundamentals in boxing. But he is like a raging bull who doesn’t afraid of death. He will throw everything at you whatever left on him. Margarito a guy who can punished Mayweather, as we mentioned above, he’s not a powerful puncher. And in later rounds Margarito will caught him up.

Oscar Delahoya

Yes Mayweather win on the first fight, via split decision. When Golden Boy asking for a rematch, suddenly Money retired. Then the second fight never happened again. With experience and speed of Oscar, he can surely beat this man.

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