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October 27, 2020

Terrence Crawford fight is what Manny Pacquiao wants

The Top Rank boss Bob Arum confirmed he’s working out to bring a fight between Terrence Crawford versus Manny Pacquiao. This fight has been requested for so many years to happen. Both are champions of the welterweight division. Crawford can’t find a good matchup on his division while Pacquiao wants another big fight before he hangs his gloves.

This could be one of the most exciting fights if both camps agreed on terms. The two are the vastly explosive fighters as both love actions. Throwing of punches with both speeds as their main weapon. Fans love real fights, as we witness those others boxing event is a one-sided affair.

It’s too early for a preview but this fight is one of Manny’s favorites which can favor him to gain a triumph. Pacquiao loves action, he wants to throw a volume of punches that came out of nowhere. His opponents from the past could say I’m past, young, stronger and can hit Pacquiao but in the ring seems they look afraid once the eighth time division champion hit them.

When Pacquiao started to box, he is looking for opening by throwing a jab or a combination as those jabs really hurts. Terrence Crawford love to engage as he’s one of fastest in the ring, a contrast to somebody’s belief that Pacman had no more power and age slows him down then you better amaze what age 40 can do to a young champion. In his last fights, he knocked down Keith Thurman hardly. The Filipino corner wants an opponent who can throw punches in which they can see an opportunity to strike. In boxing history, nobody can match the Philippine pride for his speed and power. One of the best examples is the fight against Miguel Cotto. A hell of a champion with power and speed, but Pacquiao exposed him in just four rounds only by exchanging punches. Pacquiao’s hands are like a bullet, you had no idea where it came from. He’s relentlessly thrown five to ten punches in less than ten seconds. For Terrence Crawford, it’s not wise for him to take Pacquaio power lightly. On the ring, Manny’s opponent becomes a counter puncher which not their identity.

Manny Pacquiao has a lot left on his legs to preserve him with the later rounds. After a Juan Manuel Marquez cold knockout, he improved his defense. He’s become a smart fighter, which hard for his opponent to land a successful game plan. He didn’t rush just wait for the right time to earn a victory. Even he scored a knockdown, he’s not eager to finish the fight.

Experience is a big part to win for a boxer. That’s an advantage for the Filipino champion, he’s a lot of fights against the top of the world.

For Pacman fights, he always started aggressively to dictate the tempo of the fight. Crawford never faces a word rated champion like Pacman. Even his fresher, the Philippine senator likely to tear him every second until he gets tired, out of patience and not to follow the gameplan. The only way he can catch Pacman is to land a big punch like Marquez did or execute a defensive strategy like Mayweather. If not, it’s unlikely for him to earn a win unless he had a Jeff Horn hometown decision.

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