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October 19, 2020

Stanley Pringle the main key for Ginebra to regain the title

The Barangay Ginebra came short last year to defend the title that they won in two straight years. With Justin Brownlee comfortable in Gin King’s uniform. Gregg Slaughter was healthy again. Art DelaCruz and Jeff Chan are ready to contibute. Jared Dillinger is going see on the court also.

All of them will be a big help when they start their campaign. But the most intriguing addition of Stanley Pringle is what Coach Tim Cone waiting for. They sacrificed the defense on the perimeter for his scoring. The Ginebra needs another scoring option and it will be Stanley.

Pringle isn’t afraid to take the big shot in big moments. He will lessen the pressure on Brownlee. With him on the court, he will share the playmaking duties to L.A. Tenorio. The last season runner MVP can play off the ball as he can shoot the three-ball.

He already adjusted to the Ginebra system as he played some games in the last Commissioner’s Cup. Stanley Pringle can be always an option on offense. He’s firepower and can score in bunches. The good thing for him is he doesn’t care for the spotlight.

With the depth of Barangay Ginebra Pringle is a good passer. He can also improve the scoring on the paint when he attacks the lane. Japeth Aguilar and Gregg Slaughter will make easy layups and dunks. It will also beneficial for shooters like Tenorio or Chan when he looks for a kick-out pass.

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