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October 21, 2020

San Miguel Beer Dominance: Philippine Basketball Failure

This team was a champion for many straight years of All Filipino Cup, which I couldn’t count because I don’t really watch or care the league. Yes the league is a joke. They had dominant giants inside with Jumper Fajardo who was the MVP for four straight years?Correct me if it is five.

We can’t question the talent and skills of this man.But the way they surround is something unacceptable.With most players around him can command or taking a max salary. So how do the league come with this, they don’t had a cap space?Common fans.

Then i remember years ago, when Alex Cabagnot traded to Solomon Mercado in offseason. Then when San Miguel went to playoffs they traded this two again with each others.How come do league allow this when you can upgrade your line up comes playoff time.

Oh, I remembered another one the Baraku Bull or a farm team?Where most of the San Miguel teams traded young players with their old and for disposal.

The last one, because if we’re going to check all of this it wont be finished until tomorrow. The KIA team, had a first pick overall and no doubt they will select Christian Standinger. But the new team who people and fans think they are going to build traded away to who, to San Miguel Beer. The league approved it, a joke right?

The reason of team manager of KIA team, they trade just 1 player to four. Quantity right.But one time my eyes slip a minute amd i didn’t even notice those four on the bench. And the one of this four was in San Miguel now. If your a new team and want to be competetive, you will build with picks not on those who old and waiting to get retired.

Then if you’re a leader of the league all teams should be competetive. You won’t allow this, you want to give hope on fans that PBA games is unpredictable.But he allowed, then how can you put in your mind that officiating is fair?

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