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October 21, 2020

PBA find another way where to get a revenue

With the new rules, starting this second conference . They will fine a player who will flop, no warning and it’s automatic. With the first offense amounting to 3,600 pesos and second and so on will increase.

When audience want to watch at home via free tv than paying a game that have a predictable outcome. It is possible that sales revenue went down also.

If you watch for a minute in tv their games, they had only 20% to 30% audience in a venue werw they can put 20 thousand.

Lack of balance from competition made the league look worst. Where others calles San Miguel League, the last four champions was from San Miguel team. So how can we say this is fair competition?

Flagrant foul or even technical foul had fines. Even taunting you need to pay.

Flopping should be a technical only.

When the league is going down the officials need to be creative. Creative on how to pay their bank.

So good luck for you guys who watching this league.

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