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October 22, 2020

One concern that Banchero need to improve on his game

Chris Banchero is a special talent for Alaska Aces. He leads the locals in scoring with 19 per game at the last conference. In last year’s Governor’s Cup, he is a runner up to Paul Lee where Alaska also a second placer to Magnolia Hotshots.

Banchero was reliable to his game all season long. Although he had his struggles in that finals, it’s not the main reason they lost.

The only weakness of his game is his free throw shooting. As a scorer or point guard, it’s below average in the league. The last conference he shots 73%, most of the guards in the league converted at least 85%. Free throws were the most important part of the game. When you struggle with shooting in the game, you can set your rhythm on a 4.5-meter line. If you’re a consistent defender will another pass to foul. That was an extra second of waste In time. Free throws are the ones using sealing the game. Then it is important in close games when you need to tie it you need to be able to make it.

Although in the previous three conferences he shows and improvement. From 53%, 65% and 73% means he’s working on it to be better. Also his three from 28%, 35%, and 44%. Chris Banchero has his best is yet to come.

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