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October 22, 2020

If Alaska and Rain or Shine is Out of the League, the PBA is a Joke

The league integrity questioned for years. From trading of picks and players and other signings and rule. I need to admit the author is an Alaska fan. The league was dominated by two group of companies. With three teams each which half of the league. In early 2010 Talk n Text was the force, until JuneMar Fajardo came in the league. Then I had no idea why the San Miguel had the first pick that time.

So how these teams went into a stronger and dominated the league?The San Miguel Company was dominated the league and all three teams was the champion. The last time a non SMC and MVP that not a champion was Rain or Shine in 2016 Comissioners Cup. The Aces won in 2012, even they made five finals from 2015.

What about the four teams,the Global Port, Blackwater, Columbian and Phoenix? The Global Port traded their MVP to the role players. Common this business looks stupid in any means. In a basketball business side, they loss but what about other motives?

The Columbian traded their right to pick Christian Standiger to San Miguel bunch of bench warmer. While the Blackwater traded also their picks to Talk n Text. The Phoenix doing their best to belong in this league. If we continue doing this for years then the doubt that they want to win is over.

Why do league allow this trades?Those teams want to compete or want some other side of business. If the leaders let these thing continue, then we can trust the officiating? Who can remember here the offensive foul called on Over Casio in an inbound play. When the Beermen made a run to comeback on a possible sweep. Looks likes the play was a flop. We can’t forget the Rome Dela Rosa three without time left in the shot clock. Nobody knows what will happened if they review the play.

The Aces and Elastic Painters need to build on the right player to stay competitive. With Nambatac for the Painters and Banchero for the Aces. They are good players to start a franchise. Keeping good role players and a good coach. Someday this two teams who still within the rules will be a champion. A sweeter than those teams who buy the half of the league.

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