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October 24, 2020

Game Preview: Alaska Aces vs Colombian Dyip

The first game of the conference will be against the Aces and Dyip this Friday at 4:30 pm.

The Colombian Dyip was always found dead last in team standings. With their sensational rookie CJ Perez names in the World Cup. It was huge confidence for him who led the team in scoring, rebounds, and assists as a local. Their second option is Rashan McCarthy. The Colombian Dyip is the team that had the worst defense.

While Alaska Aces had a new coaching staff with Jeffery Cariaso as a head coach. With two midseason trade acquired Maverick Ahinmisi and Abu Tratter. Alaska’s new import Justine Watts can explode anytime. The staff advised that the team are looking good.

The game will feel some rust in the first half alone. As both teams with a long vacation each.

The Dyip will better stay in the first half or else the Aces will win in a blowout.

Both imports will exchange a high scoring in the first half of the game. As the game progress, the two will familiarize their teammate. This game was so important for the Aces to set the tone at the last conference. While the Colombian will be a step for a young team to develop each other. Both teams want to draw the first blood.

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