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October 21, 2020

Even in a loss, Be Proud of your Alaska Aces

They yet to win a title since Alex Compton takeover as a head coach. They had been to the Finals many times, the most painful when they lose a 3-0 lead versus the Beermen. Of course, game four with a little help of officiating team. How can I prove it? Watch the last part of the game, that offensive foul on Jayvee Casio, it’s a flop.

We wrote this article not because of that reason, it is because they had pride on everything, Alaska had an honour. Yes, fans seem like being tired. Can really Alex Compton bring a title number 15 to franchise? Fans you should believe on your management, be proud of what they’ve done. They never engage on something questionable trades or moves. They still play under the rule of the league even if others are not. They are not desperate even a 7 years drought.

Team owner Fred Uytengzu still believe the league will back to normal where official will not be partisan. This is what Boss Fred wants the fans to understand, win with honour, and play cleanly without doubt. As a fan, it’s a frustration when they always lost. But if they follow what others are doing, it’s useless.

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