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October 31, 2020

Alaska Should Build Around Chris Banchero

Sonny Thoss was in Aces since 2005, he was a great teammate who never ask to be in other teams. With three championships in 2007, 2010 and 2012. The Boss was the man in the middle for Alaska. Offensive weapon inside down low dominated his man one on one. The main man to defend big imports.

Now the Aces had a young point guard with Chris Banchero. Who had a lot of potential to be a leader. A guard who the Aces can build around him. Banchero’s performance for the Aces was something amazing. If they had enough firepower they can had a deep run thru championship.

Banchero lead the Aces in last year Governors Cup. Finished runner up as Best Player of the Conference. Then losing another finals to the Magnolia in six games. Banchero was romured demanding a trade. Maybe he’s losing his patience for winning a title. Maybe richer teams offering him more lucrative deals than Aces can do.

The sense of urgency for the franchise to win sooner than later is a must. Before losing players with potentials. Management should made a move or Alex Compton coaching style need to be improved.

It’s not easy to find a steal of a star player. Picking fifth overall in the draft, surprisingly Banchero still available. So for the Aces to let go for this kind of player is stupidity.

They should push the coaching staff. If they can win in a year, players temptations to leave will change. They will motivated to win more.

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