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October 21, 2020

Abu Tratter mentored by former two time MVP

The newly acquired big man Abu Tratter thrilled with Danny Ildefonso as his mentor. The former De LaSalle standout was a student by former two time MVP, who is one of the assistant coaches in Alaska.

When ask by if what he learned.

” Everything. Aspects of mental toughness, simple plays in the post, what I need to work on, just making sure that I know what he went through, and what he thinks I can improve on. Those are the things I want to take in.”

The big man added he eager to learn with the best. Trotter said the humble beginnings of Danny Ildefonso was his inspiration on and off the court.

” Just having that legend, just knowing that he just a statue of a player back when he is playing back then, just knowing that, it gives me some kind of inspiration knowing that he’s been through what I’m going through.”

Abu Tratter is in training not with Ildefonso only but with Tony Dela Cruz also. Working on his soft touch outside of the paint.

” It will definitely be improving, overall outside shooting. Coach Tony, he does a great job of giving me an aspect of shots or my form that I need to work on to develop a three-point shot.”

The big man will share the frontcourt with Noy Baclao, Vic Manuel, Sonny Thoss, and Jake Pascual.

If Abu Tratter can develop his game the better for Alaska. The Aces is still searching for his fifteenth title and first in seven years.

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