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October 25, 2020

A Must Adjustment need by Alaska Aces

Fans are tired of losing, the management too. So they started in the coaching staff, fired Alex Compton and hired Alaska legend, Jeffery Cariaso. The Jet already had experienced as a coach in Barangay Ginebra before he went to Alaska as an assistant coach.

Alex Compton was good but they fell short on every final they went. The reason here is too much experiment of the line up on the court. The balance of playing time in the elimination will give the best result. But in the playoffs, you need to shorten your rotation.

In the last conference among locals, only Chris Banchero had 33 minutes of playing time. The second closest was Simon Enciso who had a negative net rating on the court. This is why we see Banchero feel fatigued later on in the game.

Vic Manuel needs to increase his minutes on the court. The Aces had no threat on the post when Manuel sitting.

Next was Jeron Teng who played just 25 minutes. If Maverick Ahinmisi still injured this conference Teng is the second-best player. He barely averages 9 points last conference. Jeron Teng is still a young player who can dominate the game.

If he can make 35 minutes per game, Teng can have 16 points, 10 rebounds and 6 assists per game. He needs playing time for Alaska to win. With Justin Watts prove that he can shoot, he’s an easy target for Teng to kick out.

Alaska didn’t need the balance of playing time because they are young. They don’t play more than 100 games.

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