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October 28, 2020

Giannis Antetoukoumpo Struggles in the World Cup is a Part of a Process

The Greek Freak was rising for stardom last season. He named MVP of the league, even they lost the Toronto Raptors in East Finals. In the current tournament of the FIBA World Cup, he just scored 11.5 per game. The last game against Brazil he was slammed by a Brazilian coach. An MVP whoo shut down by a 40-year-old veteran.

Upset is always present in every sport we witnessed. Giannis is starting to put himself in a big moments. He had a lot of thing to dork out into his game. To help his team win big time.

Like other superstars in the league, they had weaknesses. One game is not enough to judge his value. For Antetoukoumpo it’s add to his motivation. People making him a monster of the future.

Michael Jordan had failures, Kobe had tough times, Duncan had to overcome something. The winner never quits, they work hard on everything. They turn this into a weapon that can use to their rivals.

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