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October 22, 2020

Why Team USA will Retain the Crown

Dubbed as one of the worst rosters in the history of Team USA. Big names withdrew themselves, the reason they need some rest to focus on their teams. Only two All-Star it’s Kemba Walker and Kris Middleton. The best player was Donovan Mitchell and rising star Jayson Tatum. As I said previously this team are still good enough to retain the glory. Because of these reasons that we can see with Team USA.

Outside Shooting

This roster can lights out in shooting. With no real threats in the post, they will rely heavily on shooters. Mitchell who loves to takes in midrange along with Tatum. They get their points from the 15 feet up to behind the arc. They had three-point shooters like Harris and Middleton. Even bigs like Turner and Lopez are capable of making threes, only Mason Plumlee not making an attempt. He scores on pick and roll or putbacks. Against Australia, Mitchell, and Tatum used the high screen on the top. Then they take a midrange for every point.


This is not a star-studded twelve-man roster. But this is the deepest team defensively. From the perimeter Donovan, Jason, Kris, and others can defend. Lopez, Plumlee, and Turner can protect the paint and rim. They can also guard on the switch. With the roster who don’t rely on firepower offensively. They excelled on disciplines of limiting scoring a bucket. On the tune-up matches, they limited Spain in just 81 points. Against the Boomers, they score 86 points only. That was an amazing display of communication defensively.

Gregg Popovich

Like in NBA, San Antonio is not the place of the talented free agent. But the Spurs still winning whoever they put in uniform. From undrafted or late-round picks they are a steady contributor. Because Pop is a winner. Nobody in the game can motivate like Pop are doing. He already had twelve talents to keep the crown. With respect giving by his players, with no egos, it’s hard to imagine how to beat the underrated squad they assembled.

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