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October 20, 2020

Why I will Root for the Team USA

The FIBA World Championship in China is a day away. Team USA is going to defend the crown. With a serious threat from Serbia, Greece, Australia, and Spain. Reports that superstars refused to play for the team. The roster is so underrated who represents by upcoming rising stars led by Popovich.

I’m not an American but I am going to be with them. Here is my reason I’m with the team to win it all.

Gregg Popovich and Derrick White

As a Spurs fan, I’m rooting with these two guys. People mocking of Pop failure to secure a superstar to play with him. These people are jealous of what Pop did with the Spurs. In every competition Popovich win whoever they put to him. Then Derrick White helping his country to win is a huge boost for the Spurs. It can help him to develop into a star. If they will take this away, it will be sealed that Pop is the greatest.

The Underdog

The movie Dodgeball was a real underdog story. They upset everybody to take it. But the USA is not totally the same as them. The roster isn’t flashy as the previous teams. This is the first time that the best player in the competition isn’t American. Plus, the Serbian coach talking trash to them before they will play. This coach talks like they are unbeatable.

They Will Play into a System

With no real star, the team will play into a system of selfless basketball. The great ball movement like what Popovich put in the Spurs system. Every position is very important for them as no lead is safe. It’s good to see how these guys play as a team. To put pride in their country and win the gold medal. Another talent will rise and fun to watch.

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