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October 23, 2020

The defense is the main reason for the USA success

Already scheduled to play France in the quarterfinals of FIBA World Cup. The USA still unbeaten in the five games they played, the same as Australia. Being dubbed as one the worst roster in the recent history of USA basketball.

Gregg Popovich team doesn’t have firepower on offense. The best player they had is Kemba Walker and Donovan Mitchell. The team consists of a role player in the NBA. In five games they had, they excelled in defense. They give up only 66 points per game. Only Turkey give them a scare where they almost lost the game. Although they didn’t beat the opposing team on the high scoring game. They played the defense well. Deploying defensive stalwart Kris Middleton, Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, and Derrick White most of the game. They defend the best offensive perimeter player.

They struggled against Turkey because they put a small ball rotation. With Greece, Giannis Antetoukoumnpo was guarded by Marcus Smart most of the time. They only settled 53 points as a team.

Within the first five minutes of basketball, Popovich inserts defensive-minded wingman. To put pressure on the opposing team. Even Donovan Mitchell committed to play on both ends of the court. Only Turkey and Brazil shoot 50% of their field goal. The rest they shoot below 39%. It was a stellar team defense that helps wins them the game. Protecting the paint lead by Myles Turner as a team they had 4.6 blocks per game. They also guard the passing lane and stole nine per game.

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