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November 26, 2020

FIBA World Cup Prediction: Philippines vs Italy

The tip-off begins at 19:30 Asian time the best from Europe against the qualifier Philippines. Italy led by Danilo Gallinari of now Oklahoma City Thunder and Marco Belinelli of the Spurs. Italian team average height is 6’7″ and 29 years old. Most of the team are shooters and played in the big league in Europe.

The Philippine team led by Andray Blatche a former NBA player. The team had a lot of fresh players from the team. Some of them are veterans like Gabe Norwood who is with the national team since 2007.

Both teams get points in the perimeter. Italy will likely use the height advantage to put points on the board. The team had two guys who play in the NBA currently. Which is valuable to their respective teams.

Dubbed as Gilas Pilipinas they will rely on speed and the talent of Andray Blatch. Full court press is their main weapon on defense.

The game will likely a close one and each team can beat each other. A close fight from the opening buzzer. The team who can handle the most pressure will win. But I take this as Italy will win the game if it’s a close one until the final minutes.

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