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October 28, 2020

Why Tim Duncan was BETTER than Kobe Bryant

They are two of the best players of their era, an opposite of each other. Kobe Bryant played where Hollywood and big market can be found while Tim Duncan in a small market in city of San Antonio, Texas and a quite leader who don’t talk trash to anybody, while Kobe had an ego of his own and more dramas on his career. Both win five titles each with same coaches as well.

Kobe Bryant an MVP in 2008, Tim Duncan won back to back in 2003 & 03. We take a short survey and we found everybody’s opinion on this.
They said Kobe was better.

Brandon: So you really think he is better than The Black Mamba Kobe clutch at his best, remember that my dude
J Anderson: In what parallel universe? Kobe the goat

Richard Randle: Why Kobe


AB Stanley: If Duncan was on kobe’s team his career wouldn’t look so good, if kobe was on Duncan’s team, he would have 7 Rings

And this for who choose Tim Duncan where answered makes sense.

From a Baltimore Raven Fan; Never played with another player that was #1 or #2 in the world yet still has 5 rings. Duncan never played with a player as great as Shaq.

Didn’t steal money towards the end of his career like Kobe did. That cap space money could have went towards signing other good players for Laker nation. The losing culture towards the end of Kobe’s career in L. A. is still there, as well. Duncan never missed the playoffs.

Never making a public spectacle about the way, he disagrees with coaching strategies or managements inability to put “star” players around him. Like Duncan never did.

The inability to help “homegrown”, “organic” players reach all star level. Like Duncan did.

And immediately from day one as a pro Duncan was the “man” in San Antonio. Tim was First team All NBA his first year and Rookie of the year ! It took Kobe 4 years to be named First team all NBA.

Posted by Spursandsports on Tuesday, April 9, 2019

A Filipino Fan said
Timmy’s a better leader and a better person than Kobe. This resulted in the establishment of the “Spurs Way,” which means a culture of excellence, teamwork, humility, and consistent winning. Kobe and the Lakers have none of those . In addition, the Lakers haven’t made the playoffs since 2012-2013. It’s because Kobe and his deliriously expensive contracts left them in shambles.

On the other hand, the Spurs have been making the playoffs for 22 consecutive years. Mostly because of the example that Timmy gave to his team. Wrap your head around that.

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