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October 23, 2020

NBA Finals already set, I’ll rely on what Pop said : Will figure it out

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The Spurs loss in first round in back to back years. After reaching the conference finals in 2017 and leading 25 points in third quarter of Game 1 in Oracle Arena against the Warriors. The Spurs win a total of five playoffs games as a seventh seed.

With an okay performance in 2018 and a lot of hope in 2019. Spurs had a lot of upside with the young guys pairing veterans like DeRozan and Aldridge.

Golden State Warriors making their five straight NBA finals appearance, which they won three of the last four. The Toronto Raptors on their first finals in franchise history, this is Canada time to rejoice.They had a lot of things to settle after this series. The title would be great, but they can secure a guy who help them to reach on this level of competition with his only first year?

As a Spurs fan, I had no idea how i feel. If where I’m going to stand, after that guy playing well for the Raptors. Tired of watching the Warriors claiming a dynasty with unfair competition. But it hurts when that bucket and defensive plays was for the Raptors instead of Spurs.


But this what Popovich said to Duncan when they got swept by the Lakers in 2002 “we had a good season, we”ll try to figure it out this”. Fans will doubt as Lamarcus Aldridge not a Duncan, DeRozan not Ginobili who was thrive in clutch and can shoot a three.

Spurs always find a talent in draft or overseas. This tough moments for us will not be forever. We are lucky that we had the best front office in the world, imagine if we are a Knicks fan who’s been in the bottom for the many years.

We are fortunate that we played in playoffs while developed young guys. We are good than any others that didn’t have a bad contract. We didn’t had a guy who give the team a drama, a destruction after received 19 million just to play nine games for a season.

The NBA finals of this two teams will not long last forever. Spurs fans had a little bump, then refocus on the greatest goal. So cheer up, even that No. 2 guy raise the trophy for Toronto. Our time will come for another one.

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