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October 23, 2020

Matt Bonner jersey deserve to be retired in San Antonio

When Manu Ginobili jersey retirement done, we’re expecting Tony Parker in the future. But, let’s talk about the Red Mamba, red rocket Matt Bonner, who played 10 seasons with the San Antonio Spurs. Won 2 championships, led the league in 3 point percentage in 2011.

He don’t really put huge numbers, his career high 25 and 17. But everytime Pop put him on the floor, he was great, when the team need him and required spacing. When they need the lane open, because he was so dangerous playing on the arc.

In whatever roles, he didn’t argue, he played for it. Bonner had a lot of playing time before the departure of Boris Diaw, but the guy didn’t complain.

His dunks are highlights, his drive and kick out was good, his three points shot are perfect. The number 15 deserve to be in the rafters, no matter what happened.

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