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October 23, 2020

Manu Ginobili Reckless Play

Earlier today I found an article about Manu Ginobili reckless foul against Dirk Nowitzki in Western Semifinals in 2006. This is the worst play of Ginobili on his whole career I think, he led this comeback and they almost got it. Spurs up by three and 20 seconds left, the ball was on Dirk playing one on one with Bruce Bowen on the post. Dirk drived to the basket and Bruce gave it to him but Manu trying to block the seven footer and the basket was count plus a foul scores tied. The next play Tim Duncan missed the game winning shot.

In overtime, they went to Duncan but he made only one shot guarded by Desagana Diop. Then Dallas heated up and they won and even advanced to the Finals but lost the last four games against Miami Heat after a 2-0 lead.

In this play, if Manu stop himself, I think the Spurs could beat the Suns in the next round and whoever they faced between the Heat and Pistons they are still on the way to take the trophy. These things I told Bruce Bowen when he was in the country last year. I said “your block in Game Five against DIRK to save the game and a series was the one I love, sadly you lost the series two games after”.

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