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January 24, 2021


All fans get disappointed when their favorite teams lose. We sometimes blame players for a certain single play or for the whole game if they played a subpar game.

Yes, it’s part of the game but as Spurs fans, we should know how to move and accept the results and still continue to support our team. In every NBA season, whether they struggled or when they won each of their five titles, loyal Spurs fans should be there to cheer and support them.

The past few years, the Spurs have been on a little rebuild. This happened when Kawhi Leonard wanted out the Spurs. He was traded with Danny Green for DeMar DeRozan and Jakob Poeltl.

It was an obvious disadvantage for the Spurs as Kawhi has vastly improved under coach Pop while DeRozan had a history of struggling in playoffs, particularly when they got swept by LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers in 2018.

With DeRozan playing his first year with the Spurs, they just settled for seventh-seeded and lost to the Nuggets in the first round.

There were many Spurs fans who got disappointed in DeRozan’s level of play. Then I’ve noticed this one Filipino guy who loves to hate DeMar DeRozan. Even when he had a good game, he still insisted the Spurs can’t win with DeMar on the team. He keeps telling other fans that the Spurs had no chance.

Others have advised him we need to accept whoever plays for the Spurs, but he kept on mocking DeRozan. Maybe this guy is a little prick who ride with the Spurs championship in 2014 and one of LeBron James haters. Then when the Spurs take the Heat in five games he decided to join the squad. He thought the Spurs will win it all. Even with prime Duncan the Spurs just win five titles.

True Spurs fans treat the team and its players like family. Long-time and loyal Spurs fans never insulted players as long as they were committed to the franchise. This guy said that we shouldn’t act like we are the best fans of the Spurs because we didn’t take a single step in the AT&T arena.

Personally, I didn’t become a fan of them by using social media and Google to know about them. I was a fan when I watched them in VHS tapes against the Phoenix Suns with Jason Kidd. Yes, VHS format was the technology back then and the Rocket fans knew these things because their last title came in that era.

When this stupid Filipino fan was watching David Robinson in the past even before Tim Duncan came, maybe he insulted the Admiral because of the lack of success in playoffs during that time. Maybe he would not believe that Avery Johnson would be trusted by Popovich to lead the Spurs in its 1999 championship. Even coach Pop said that his point guard at that time wasn’t too talented and all-star potential.

True Spurs fans care for the team and had a history of caring for the team with a family culture. Basketball is more than winning a championship every year. I became a fan not because of winning most of the time but because they made great stories on every player who worked hard. I loved Malik Rose’s intensity in 2003, the Brent Barry playmaking, Mike Finley three and Tiago Splitters’ reverse layup. I remember the Emmanuel Ginobili of San Antonio Spurs before he became fondly called as Manu. I did not just Google for it, unlike this troll.

We should accept whoever comes with the team that gives their hearts every game. To be fair with DeRozan during his time in Toronto, he made his team better. They had a good run in 2016 to reach the East Finals before losing to the Cavs in six games.

While Kawhi was a good player, he was in a well-coached great team with Hall of Famers when he was with the Spurs. Coach Pop helped in his growth and development in the game.

The Toronto Raptors who won the championship against the Golden State Warriors last year had a lot of luck on their side when KD and Klay got injured. It is the opinion that the Raptors had no chance with a healthy Warriors team.

As a fan, it doesn’t matter where you come from. Because as a fan it is on our heart. We are fans because we love the fade away or dunks or trash talk but with the humility of the team and its players, as well as the family values embedded on the team. The Spurs had a lot of good stories with the players because they had a good family-like culture and the best fans.

Again my message to this troll is that it is a shame and embarrassment to be known as a Spurs fan that you show no love to DeMar DeRozan. As Popovich said there are more important things in life than basketball. Don’t be a troll and an irate fan. Show respect to all Spurs players whether he is a superstar, a starter or just a bench player. This is the true mark of a true Spurs fan, bleeding black and silver.

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