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January 24, 2021

Filipino Spurs Fan, had an ADVICE about his Fellow Fans


I have posted something yesterday about DeMar DeRozan and today he had one of his better games against the Golden State Warriors. The respect for his scoring ability was so huge that a 6″11 Kevin Durant was assigned to defend him. I think I made a mistake with my post yesterday because now some members are provoking the DD non-believers/haters. My only intention was for people to see the value of Deebo and not to divide our FSF fam. Us looking or even asking the DeMar “haters” to come out will only aggrivate the issue and it will backfire on us. These posts will definitely not help us. The DeMar “haters” will now wait and hope for DD to have a bad game to post an “I TOLD YOU SO DD S*CKS” or “SEE, I AM RIGHT” I’ve noticed that members love to be right and prove to people that they are right. So let’s just be together in celebration and not look for fights anymore. 
#GoSpursGo #SilverAndBlack #SpursFam #FSF

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