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January 24, 2021

An Open Letter to Quinito Henson

After the Toronto Raptors win to reached the NBA finals for the first time in franchise history. You tweeted they need to “thanks” LeBron James do leaving the East. These guys work hard everyday played with injuries to achieve everything. Even last year the Celtics was a game away to dethrone Lebron Cavaliers.

Please focus on your career in Philippine basketball that already unpopular because of predicted outcome. Because leaders are being used by rich companies to give them the better players. Why you don’t be a critics with this?

NBA isn’t rigged, this is the best sports league in the world. Our local basketball already dead, and you are there to cover in arena who had less than 20% of gate attendance.

Please respect people achievement, even the Warriors winning it doesn’t matter. They are playing fair, unlike in the league you working. Did you think San Miguel dynasty was fair, without some stupid trades. Your league crippled everything and got no idea how they will fix it.

So please don’t insult their achievement in life.

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