September 27, 2021

Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowitzki: The Last Tough Superstar


Two of them played with their only team. Build teams and win championships.Dirk Nowitzki had an amazing great run in 2011 defeated the champion Lakers via sweep.Then smash the superteam Miami Heat with Lebron James. His teammates, Jason Kidd old and slow. He never leaved the Mavericks to chase somewhere.

Tim Duncan, also played with one team one coach and five championships. Both of them, stayed.Now that superstar demand a trade and playing to superteams

LeBron James, leave Cleveland to form a superteams in South Beach. Kevin Durant used free agency to sign with the soft bully Golden State Warriors. After they blew the NBA Finals. Anthony can’t stay healthy Davis demanded a trade. Even Demarcus Cousins move is weak.

Dirk had a lot of worst losses on his career. Mostly with San Antonio Spurs, they also blew the 2-0 lead over Miami in 2006 but dropped the next four. Then next year, loss to Golden State Believe Warriors as a number 1 seeded. Then waited four years to achieved the Larry O’Brien trophy. Even he had a chance to sign elsewhere he never tried.

Duncan had ups and down on his career. They got slap by the Lakers in 2000 twice but came back in 2003 to stop the Dynasty. In 2004, when a stop away to defend the crown they lost, but survived against the Pistons in 2005. Then made another run in 2007 after a disappointing exit in 2006 in the hand of Dallas.

When Duncan, missed a tying lay up in Game 7. They made a great comeback in 2014 where they smash it in five games.

NBA fans really love these kind of players who fight for everything. Who didn’t leave fans in darkness, they give us hope and inspiration.

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