FANS Observation on Spurs lost to the Nuggets


Tough loss for us and it s*cks that we lost by a huge margin. I’m pretty sure most of us think that we didn’t come out to win today. Nuggets dominated us from start to finish. I don’t believe in teams intentionally losing but it looked like that was not Spurs basketball.

In a game of Poker, Denver just showed their cards. They are capable of having a full house hand consistently but that’s the thing, they showed us how they will play in the playoffs. An advantage for us is that we can study their plays before we enter playoff time. Personally I saw a lot of off the ball screens, they shot a lot of 3s from the top of the key which is very uncommon since players usually shoot corner 3s or from the wing, they played a lot of low posts with Jokic and Plumlee, they run the pick and shot a lot of floaters

We could still land in the 7th spot since we have an easier remaining schedule compared to OKC. If we win all four games and the Thunder drops just one game then we are guaranteed in the 7th seed.

This lost to Denver gave the Nuggets more separation to Houston which I think is a good thing. We really need to avoid the Warriors and I hope we win all our remaining games. What do you guys think?

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